What is ".信息"?

.信息 is a international general top level Chinese domain name operated by
TELEINFO and is authorized by ICANN.
Based on TELEINFO international domain name service platform INFOPLUS,
".信息" is the key to the era of internet of everything, with the advantages of
trustworthiness, safety, and convenience.

Core strengths of .信息


Supported by CAICT, it is a new critical general top level domain name in Chinese domain name system.


It is the best way to publish information on the Internet era.


It is registered by real users who are authenticate by INFOID system.


It has privacy protection from registry lock WHOIS.It provides high-level security service like DNSSEC.


With INFOMARKET providing numerous internet+critical services, the experience of registeration is wonderful.

One-stop services with great value

Providing website templates

The service includes exquisite PC+mobilephone website, abundant templates, options on visual interface and multi-platform management.

Filing domain name

You could register the domain name .信息, and select website templates.You could use it in tme without filling domain name.

Establishing enterprise mail

We provide Chinese enterprise mail service.The terminals are related and coordinated in working.

Lock of Registry

We provide the service of high-level domain name locking service, which protects the domain name from being distorted on purpose.