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Domain name registration is completed,what the user needs to pay attention to ?

(A) Pay attention to Domain information change

In order to ensure the legal rights of the domain name holders and that of carrying out legitimate Internet applications, and to remind you of paying attention to the domain name information changing after registration and ensure that the domain name registration information is true, accurate and complete.
1.Through our website "WHOIS inquiry" system or registration service mechanism to verify the registration information of domain name is correct.
2. If the registration information such as the registrants, registrant contacts, contact way change, the domain name service registrations should be notified to change the information in time to ensure the validity of the information.
3. As valid business identity in domain name operation, the password for domain name management and maintenance as well as the password for changing the transfer code of registration service agencies should be stored properly.
4.Keep contact with registration services smoothly and ensure timely renewals via registration services. According to requirements of Domain name registration information Implementing Rules, the annual domain name expiration date is the filing date. The 30th day after the expiration for the domain name is the confirmation day of renewal. If you do not renew in a written representation, domain name registration service agencies are empowered to logout the domain name after a month. If you neither have a written representation nor renew within the period, the domain name registration service agencies have the right to logout the domain name on the expiration date.

(B) Verify the Payment Period

After completing the registration of domain name through registering or agency, please visit the WHOIS inquiry window of the company's official website to check the expiration date. The expiration date shown in WHOIS database is based on the actual year of payment, if you find that the expiration date in WHOIS database does not match with your limit age of payment. Please contact with your registrar or agency to make up your fixed number of years of registration to protect your legal rights.

(C) Focus on the Domain Name Record

The approval of your domain means that the domain name registration was successful. If you want to use a domain name in web applications, the website record in needed according to the relevant requirements on website management of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Currently, if you register “.信息”domain, we will provide fast record service. For details, you can call our customer service for consultation.

The Common Business Process of Domain

The Specific Way of Handling Common Business of Domain

1. How to transfer the domain account?

The transferring of the domain name account refers to the changing registrant information. According to chapter four "Domain Change and Cancellation" in "Domain Name Registration Rules", when applying for transferring domain name account, the appliers should submit legally valid "domain account transfer request form" to the domain name service registration and identity documents of both transferring side. Domain name service registration will verify the documents within three working days after receiving the information. If the documents are qualified, the holder of domain should be changed. You can submit your account transferring documents such as the evidence of identity on both sides to domain name service registration. The Registrar will verify the documents and desire of transferring of both sides, and then complete the account transferring. For the way to submit transferring documents and business process, you can connect with your domain service registration to confirm.

2, How to transfer the domain name?

Domain Transfer refers to the changes the information of your domain name service registration. In accordance with the "Domain Name Registration Rules", when the domain name service registration (the transferor) receiving valid application documents from the domain name holder, it should send correct transferring password to domain name registrant by e-mail within three working days without charging for the transferring application. You can contact the domain name service registrar (ie the transferor registration) to submit qualified transferring documents to obtain the transferring password. Then send the transferring password to the transferee provides registration services to complete the transferring. For domain transferring requirement and related documents, you can see chapter five "Change of Domain name Service Registration" in "Domain Name Registration Rules".

3、How to resolve domain name disputes?
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