Platform Function


·Domain name register service (SRS, EPP)
·Domain name directory lookup service (RDDS, WHOIS)
·Data analysis and information release service (DNS)
·DNS security service (DNSSEC)
·Domain name hosting service (Data Escrow)


·Business support and management service for registered service institutions(RrSS)
·Business support and management service for registered management institutions(Ryss)
·Real-name verification of domain names
·Naming verification of domain names

Professional Generic Top-level Domain Service


Apply for expert consultation on new generic top-level domain
Expert consultation on the domestic policy implementation operation in domain name service territory


Real-name and naming verification
of domain names
Domestic Implementation
of domain name system
Data hosting and security monitoring


Backend system hosting
Customized research and
development of systems


Operation monitoring of
domain name service
Condition monitoring of
domain name application

The Most Professional Domain Innovation Service

The core team members of Teleinfo have been focusing on domain name industry and domain name service innovation for more than six years. Their experience and practice provides customers with more professional domain innovation service.


Opportunity and Challenge in the Era of New Top-level Domain

权威 简化访问 应用创新 数字生活

Opportunity: The open application of the new generic top-level domain by ICANN provides a perfect brand demonstration
and operation opportunity for brand customers.
Challenge: The various policy requirements and long cycle of application of ICANN make unsuccessful application possible.
The application competition also requires much time and money for mediation.



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